Benefits of consolidating corporate travel

Please note: As of November 2013 this product was closed to new employer plans and new members of existing plans.

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So make your Next now, we’d love to come along for the journey.Strong attributes in a fiercely competitive environment On a hyper-competitive market, the airline draws on a range of strengths to maintain and develop its leading position.Combined with KLM's capacities, Air France has one of the most expansive networks between Europe and the rest of the world: by adding flights operated under a transatlantic joint venture with Delta, the Group serves 120 long-haul destinations worldwide.Corporate Super allows members to choose from of over 55 different investment funds - spread across a wide range of investment styles and asset classes.These include single manager, multi-manager, sector specific, diversified, index, ethical, alternate, domestic and international investment funds.We use cookies to make your experience with us better.


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