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Each of our family members has strong opinions about that, but for me, the preparation is the best part. I love the discipline it takes to wake up every morning and to put in the time and the miles that will help my body respond to the stresses of an actual marathon. It’s like life in so many respects—making a plan, strict training, hills, a set path, beautiful vistas, training partners, long lonely miles, people cheering, falling and getting back up, injuries, aid stations, and of course a finish line. This quote has motivated and inspired me many times as I have wondered if what I am doing is worth it.A marathon is one thing that you cannot do virtually! One of my top 10 favorite quotes was given by former U. President Roosevelt said: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.At the LDS website one can find the essay “Becoming Like God,” which cites Joseph Smith’s teaching that God “was once as one of us” and, unapologetically, Lorenzo Snow’s couplet.

That’s how I became interested in the dating of the birth of Christ. Did it come as an outgrowth of your work in archeology? We just taught as a matter of course that Jesus had been born on April 6, and this is because of the great respect we all have for Elder Talmage’s book where he takes that very definite position that Jesus was born in 1 BC on April 6th, basing it on the phrase in Doctrine and Covenants 20, which refers to the day on which the church was organized in 1830. It just happened that I kept getting indications that suggested Jesus couldn’t have been born in 1 BC.

I don’t know that we emphasize it.” Then in 2012 when the LDS Church published a study volume, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, there was zero commentary on the first half of Snow’s famous couplet.

Mouw concludes that LDS leaders “are simply saying nothing about it in the hope of keeping it on the margins of their historic teachings without issuing a straightforward rejection of something that loomed large in the LDS past.” Further evidence for this hope is that Mormon participants in the Evangelical-Mormon dialogue which Mouw and Mormon theologian Robert Millet have led for fifteen years tell Mouw that the Snow couplet has no canonical status in Mormon theology.

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25? Jeffrey Chadwick: I’m just more or less a regular guy that wound up being a professor of archeology and religion. I’ve taught probably 3,000 students there over a thirty year period.

Was it just a random date chosen by the early Christian fathers or is there more to it? Chadwick, an archaeologist and Herodian scholar, became interested in this question and thinks he has found an answer. LDS Perspectives Podcast Episode 13: When was Jesus Born? Chadwick Laura Hales: Hello, this is Laura Harris Hales with the LDS Perspective Podcast, and I’m here today with Dr. Chadwick to discuss the dating of the birth of Christ. Chadwick is the BYU Jerusalem Center professor of archeology and Near East Studies. Albright Institute of Archeological Research in Jerusalem and serves as senior field archeologist and director of Upward City Excavations. For the Tel es Safi Gap archeological project in Israel. You know twenty-five programs, and it’s been a great thing to do. This is what I was taught from a young child.” In fact, I remember telling the kids in my seven year old class when we were talking about Christmas: “We celebrate it in December, but we know because of revelation to Joseph Smith that it was really April 6th.” And I got these really blank looks on their face like, “The woman is crazy.


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