Ludwig dating

New plastic wraps offered drums a look to keep up with evolving look of the 1970’s. Ludwig had to design their new era Classic kits to hold up those conditions.Bass drum spurs and stands were of the significant upgrades to their outfits.You can find the varying catalog outfits offered by Ludwig during its proper era, as well as some background information to their designs and history.

It's the tone, concept and design that took the world of drums to another level.There is a certain passion and joy that goes into documenting, or identifying a vintage drum, especially one manufactured by Ludwig.It tells a story, not only in what it is, but where it's been; the roads traveled, its relevance to drum manufacturing, and its influence on music.There is no exact date of when they stopped and switched to the next badge - there are cross-over drums.This was a transition badge and you will see it with and without a serial number it is prior to and during the move to Monroe.Dating Ludwig Drum products can be rather easy or quite tedious.


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