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Experts of the Humanitarian Law Center will be monitoring all media in Serbia (and foremost daily and weekly newspapers) to collect clippings wherein homosexuality (both male an female) is mentioned, with special attention given to homophobic articles by individual journalists as well as quotes of public personalities speaking on the subject, which occurrences are widely present in the public; The Humanitarian Law Center experts will use this database for a legal and sociological analysis of the extent of the violation of the rights of the same-sex-oriented people by, first and foremost, the media, and through them by the whole of Serbian society.The ARKADIJA Gay Lobby an the European Youth Association of Serbia will recur to this data base to prepare reports and to inform other groups who monitor human rights of people with same-sex orientation.Ukoliko više volite dopisivanje sa devojkama, iskoristite naš HOT SMS CHAT servis i četujte sa ovim seksi devojkama!azeta Express provides readers with the latest news, interviews, reports and trending social stories, in both Albanian and English language.This part of the project requires technical support (i.e.a computer, a modem, a telefax), seeing that it is to be carried out by groups who have non of the above; also needed are fees for translators or reports an the monthly honorarium to the project secretary who is to coordinate activities between Humanitarian Law Center, ARKADIJA and European Youth Association of Serbia; lobby the media, arrange meetings an perform all necessary clerical work such as typing in of texts, proof-reading and copy editing of reports and bulletins etc. The third part of the project comprises legal actions against the most pronounced forms of homophobia.

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(According to our contacts so far, many world groups are very interested in the state of gay and lesbian human rights in Serbia.

Also, through reports and information we will be passing on to human rights groups in FRY, homophobia, preponderant in this society, will be brought to the attention of those groups and the public as a whole.) Furthermore, all interested experts who research the issue of sexual minorities in Serbia, namely lawyers, social scientists, psychologists etc. (So far, several graduations and final exam papers have been presented at the Belgrade University Philosophy College and those who did them were severely incapacitated by a lack of access to information that the Campaign Against Homophobia intends to collect.) 2.


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